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*By agreement with the poets here represented, these digital broadsides may be downloaded with the author and artist retaining the original copyright.

The Snakes of September


Stanley Kunitz


From The Collected Poems of Stanley Kunitz. W.W. Norton and Co., 2000.


AMNH # 16265
Queen Snake, Tropidonotus liberis © "Reptiles" Vol. XIII, Ditmars

AMNH # 113288
Small Garter Snake, by Frank Overton, May 7, 1910

AMNH #16257
Brown Striped snake, Eutaema egres., © "Reptiles" Vol. XIII, Ditmars


Special thanks to Antonia Lopez de Victoria for transcription of the interview.

Sleeping In the Forest


Mary Oliver


Used with permission from Twelve Moons by Little, Brown and Company.

Copyright © 1979 by Mary Oliver.


Pastels © Ivy Rutzky

Untitled # 11

Untitled # 129

Untitled # 130

Untitled # 132

St. Francis and the Sow


Galway Kinnell


From A New Selected Poems, Houghton Mifflin Company 2001.

For Luis


Michael McClure


From Antechamber And Other Poems by New Directions, 1978.


"California towhee" and "White Crowned Sparrow" sound files by Peterson Field Guides, Western Bird Songs. © Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology and Interactive Audio.


Find out more about Luis Felipe Baptista and his study of the White Crowned Sparrow.

"The Butterfly Obtains"


Emily Dickinson


From The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson (1924).


Butterfly Video © AMNH Science Bulletins with special thanks to Ben Tudhope.

Little Cosmic Dust Poem


John Haines


From The Owl in the Mask of the Dreamer, Collected Poems, Graywolf Press, 1996.

AMNH # 285369
Subject: Biela's comet shortly after its separation, Feb. 1846.


AMNH # 6572
Artist: H. K. Wimmer

Sitting by a Swamp


David Wagoner


From Traveling Light: Collected and New Poems, published by University of Illinois Press, 1999.


AMNH # k15099, Field Photograph.


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